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We work as a creative partner for innovative clients in entertainment, music, and technology.  We’ve spent our careers leading creative teams, building startups, and consulting for companies like Red Bull, Live Nation, Insomniac, and CAA.  We know these spaces from the inside out, we’ve evolved with them, and in that time – we’ve gained a deep understanding of how creative projects not only get done – but get done beautifully, efficiently, and resourcefully.

This led us to discover a gap in the creative market.

Modern technologies have afforded us new ways to connect and collaborate. We’ve witnessed a burgeoning freelance economy spawn from this, and in conjunction, a paradigm shift in the way companies get projects done. Some of today’s most innovative companies are either shifting from large in-house creative teams to distributed teams, or, more actively employing contracted creative talent to scale up when needed. In doing so, they are saving a lot of money, resources, and bandwidth.

But distributed teams can present serious pitfalls. Finding, hiring, and managing great talent is no easy task. Scrolling through endless feeds of profiles, outreach, back & forths, contracting, benchmarking, project management, legal, and quality control can be costly and wearing for any business.

This is why we built RYB (RedYellowBlue). We have found, worked with, and built relationships with a global network of extraordinary creative talent, and have refined a process that enables us to streamline premium creative services. An art department, built for the new age of work.

We connect with audiences through groundbreaking creative production by today’s best creatives, for today’s most innovative companies. Because we understand that when you bring the right elements together, a new set of beautiful possibilities emerge.

Kind of like the colors red, yellow, and blue.

In partnership with:

A portion of every project done with the department will be donated to Inner-City Arts – a non-profit organization providing arts education to underserved youth in downtown LA.

Since 1989, Inner-City Arts has offered a safe creative space in Los Angeles where more than 200,000 children have been invited to create and explore.

We’ve spent time on campus getting to know the students, teaching artists, and staff, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to partner with them. Students receive professionally-led, in-depth education with state-of-the-art facilities as a way to augment their public school curriculum. On visits to Inner-City Arts, we’ve seen hundreds of highly engaged students working with technologies like 3-D printing and stop-motion animation, curating gallery shows, and producing live performances. We’re excited for this next generation of artists to emerge.

In addition to donating a percentage of our project revenue, we’re volunteering our time and galvanizing our LA community and clients to join us.

Jordan Miles Rosenheck

Founder & Art Director

Jordan is an LA born, entrepreneur and artist who has committed his career to binding together the worlds of art, design, music, and technology…

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Samara Kaplan

Director of Talent & Creative

Samara is an LA native with experience in art history and curation. She holds a PhD in Art History, Theory, & Criticism…

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We’re always looking for passionate individuals.


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